Firearms Training Academy


Deposit due is $100 for this course. Balance of $247.00 due on first day of class. Class will be held at the following location: Bunker Township Hall 871 DeCamp Road, Stockbridge, MI 49285 After deposit is paid to save your seat, you will need to contact the USCCA and tell them you are signed up for the instructors class. You will be asked to pay for your instructors tool kit and the e-lesson portion for the class. Complete the e-lesson requirements then contact me via email and let me know you have completed the online portion of the training. I will then confirm with the USCCA that you have successfully completed the on-line portion of the training. The tool kit you have paid for will be sent to you upon  successful completion of the class and range portion of the training. For any question, please contact: Brian Swims : Chris Walker:  


871 Decamp Road, Stockbridge, Michigan, 49285, United States

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